Abaxa is looking for Utility Locators who meet the following criteria.

  • DBYD Certified
  • ATCO HP Gas eligibility
  • Proven ability to locate all verifiable utilities and document non verified assets in a heavily congested area such as the CBD or internal sites such as Schools, WWTP & Western Power Substations.
  • Experience working rural, and for – potentially – extended periods of time.
  • Draw clear and informative plans that fully inform the client of their responsibilities and potential issues that they may encounter.
  • Ability to self-manage on the job ie recommending the client alters potholing spacing or cores instead of removing footpaths, changeout of machinery to suit ground conditions etc.
  • Ability to acquire ascon plans, mud maps etc from clients or groundskeepers and to utilise the important info from them.
  • Ability to locate and mark up to a high standard that is suitable for survey pickup.
  • Proven ability to manage large month plus long locate projects with multiple locators & vacuum technicians..
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