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Utility Survey to AS5488

You can save up to 82% of project costs by engaging Abaxa in your early stages of planning

Subsurface Utility Engineering SupportStep 1 – Plan to avoid project costs

You can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays and project delays by utilising Abaxa’s Subsurface utility engineering support service.

It has been proven that for every $1.00 spent on Subsurface utility engineering service, $4.62 quantifiable project dollars have been saved. (Cost Savings On Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering, Purdue University, 1999).

The practice delivers the exact location of virtually all utilities, and allows utilities to be accurately shown on all construction sites.

Abaxa will facilitate your accurate planning, budget allocation, and delivery of a project.

From project planning, right through to construction, proper use of this cost effective professional service will eliminate many of the utility problems typically encountered on construction projects.

Save the incalculable costs of redesign when construction cannot follow the original design due to utility conflicts.

Step 2 – Focus on safety first

You can guarantee safety is first on construction sites by designing with real time information from subsurface utility engineering of high profile utilities within the project parameters.

Excavation can be moved away from existing utilities, meaning there is less possibility of damage to a utility that might result in personal injury, property damage and release of products into the environment.

Step 3 – Manage project risk

You can manage your project risk by assignment of Quality Service Levels within the Subsurface utility engineering process.

A work plan package can be developed that consists of a scope of work, level of service vs risk allocation, project schedule and desired project delivery method. There are four quality levels of utility depiction you can choose to manage your project risk.

Contact Abaxa for a proposal to designate, locate and provide utility data management with survey to AS5488 for our Engineering Clients to conduct conflict analysis, saving you time and money on your next project.

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