Abaxa 3 Degrees of Safety System

As Western Australia’s largest dedicated sub-surface detection company with utility industry experience spanning 30 years, our single focus remains as “Damage Prevention”.

It is important to Abaxa that our clients understand the location service they have requested and follow the Utility Providers Code of Practice for WA, Duty of Care and Prevention of Damage to Services.

In addition to the Utility Provider Duty of Care requirements to protect underground utilities. All necessary action must be taken to follow these duty of care practices which will assist in damage prevention and greatly reduce unnecessary costs and project delays.

You will have peace of mind knowing that Abaxa is working to your chosen level of service and risk avoidance. Each level of service within the Abaxa ‘3 Degrees’ Safety System for utility location has an associated level of utility risk.

At location service completion, your risk and resultant duty of care requirements are made transparent, which enables you to plan the next stage of your project.

3 degrees safety system
3 Degrees of Safety

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