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Abaxa is WA’s largest dedicated sub-surface detection company. We are accredited locators for all underground utilities and services including Telstra, Western Power, Amcom Communications and Optic Fibre, Water Corporation and Alinta Gas. Whether you’re with a government body or a commercial company, we can supply you with fast, accurate detection that will bring your project in on time.

Listen to what our clients have to say about Abaxa:

“They’re our preferred service location company” (3 mins)

Dale ScreechDale Screech, Geo-technical Engineer with Golder Associates explains what’s involved in becoming a preferred supplier with his company. He also tells why he has used Abaxa on over 20 projects and will continue to use them.

Client profile: Earth engineering & environmental science consulting service

“They find a solution so we can get on with the work” (3:10 mins)

Jeya KumarJeya Kumar, Project Manager for Main Roads explains how vital services location is and that is why he always uses Abaxa. He also talks about Abaxa’s dedication to helping clients bring their projects in on time.

Client profile: Government authority responsible for WA’s highways and main roads.

“Because of their help, we managed to get the project in on time and on budget” (3 mins)

Neil YatesNeil Yates, Construction Supervisor with the City of Perth explains why he has been using Abaxa’s services for the past 6 years. He praises their expertise and excellent personal interaction.

Client profile: Local government authority for the capital of WA

“They’ve performed at least 500 jobs for us” (2:30 mins)

Ricoh ImageVic Dimitrovski, Team Leader with Swan Water Services in alliance with the Water Corporation talks about Abaxa’s excellent service record. He explains why he wouldn’t use any other service location company.

Client profile: Water asset & sewer maintenance service provider

“They save us, and the client, money” (2:30 mins)

Ian GardinerIan Gardiner, Project Manager at Whelans talks about Abaxa’s professional services and attitude. He tells that this is the reason he goes back to them “without hesitation”.

Client profile: Surveying, Mapping and Town Planning consultancy

“I’ve never had a problem with Abaxa – everything runs smoothly” (2:20 mins)

John RussoJohn Russo, Project Manager with the Georgiou Group explains why they have been using Abaxa for 5 years and will continue to use them in the future. He talks about Abaxa’s professional, prompt & reliable service.

Client profile: Civil construction company

“They’re the first one, really the only one, that I contact to do our service locations” (3 mins)

IM000956.JPGSid Hankinson, Construction Supervisor with the Water Corporation tells why he choses to use Abaxa as his preferred service provider. He talks about their reliability, dependability and their willingness to be on site “at the drop of a hat”.

Client profile: WA’s largest water service provider

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