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Abaxa is Western Australia’s largest sub-surface detection company, with over 30 years of industry experience. We are capable of providing a complete service from design inception/early planning, through to construction completion as demonstrated by projects such as the New Metro Perth to Mandurah Rail and the Mandurah to Bunbury Highway.

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Utility Location

Your safer option when locating communications, power, gas, sewer and water utilities prior to excavation. Abaxa provides complete location information on all utilities with unparalleled experience and utility approval.

Survey Utilities to AS5488

You can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays and project delays by utilising Abaxa’s Subsurface utility engineering survey support service.

Abaxa provides services that improve project planning, budget allocation, and project delivery. At each project stage, Abaxa has a defined service level with specific deliverables that define your project risk and assist with your planning.


Our Feature Topographic Surveys detail all significant features relevant to your project site, including positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication pits, roads, driveways, special features, and levels across the property.

High Pressure Gas Supervision Services

High Pressure Gas Supervision is the requirement of having an “Approved” High Pressure Gas Field Supervisor attend your excavation site when there are critical natural gas facilities within an area of excavation. These approved technicians are trained to accurately protect the site from the potential hazard of damage to the pipe/pipes by locating the pipes, marking the pipes, and then visually attend the exposure of the pipe, for location and depth confirmation prior to commencing with your works.

Abaxa’s 30 years experience working in and around High-Pressure Gas pipelines will keep your project compliant and operating in a regulated safe environment.

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Ground Penetrating Radar Services

Improve safety, accuracy and speed on your design projects, using Abaxa’s ground-penetrating radar with 4 multi-frequency antennas.

Concrete Scan

3D structure scanning efficiently and effectively reveals obstacles embedded in concrete.  It also locates utilities without interrupting any of the day-to-day operations of your business.

concrete scanner

Non Destructive Vacuum Excavation

You can prevent utility damage by using this non-destructive method of excavation. Abaxa can conduct any practical excavation with vacuum units ability and suction power. Its capabilities can be utilized for a variety of services.

Recipient in Charge (RIC)

Abaxa offers Recipient in Charge (RIC) safety supervision services for individuals working on, near or in the vicinity of Western Power’s electrical network. Our authorised RIC supervisors oversee tasks performed under Electrical Access Permits (EAP) or Vicinity Authority Permits (VA) and adhere to all safety guidelines. Our RIC supervisors are accountable for accepting and managing work permits, informing workers of permit conditions and ensuring all tasks are executed safely.


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