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The True Cost of Damage Prevention

Crane Topples in Sub Surface Void

The true cost savings in preventing damages can only be understood by determining the costs required to complete your project then considering the potential to lose much more. Personal and work related injuries have been known to result in fatalities and major financial hardships. In addition, Project Downtimes have been known to destroy any hopes for a “profit” when catastrophic utility damages are encountered.

Subsurface Utility Engineering Reduces Unnecessary Project Costs and Manages Risk Proactively

You can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays and project delays by utilising Subsurface Utility Engineering service technology.  The practise delivers the exact location of virtually all utilities and allows utilities to be accurately shown on all construction sites.

It has been proven that for every $1.00 spent on Subsurface Utility Engineering technology $4.62 quantifiable project dollars have been saved.

(Cost Savings On Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering, Purdue University, 1999).

See Abaxa’s Subsurface Engineering Support Service for more information on how Abaxa can provide designation, location and data management with survey to AS5488 for our Engineering Clients to conduct conflict analysis.

Manage Your Risk

Pipe Blowout – Gas Explosion

Along with making “Safety” a number one priority with you and your company, managing your “Risk” with underground utilities plays a significant role. Repair costs for Optic Fibre Damages have been known to exceed the $1 million dollar range; not including all total down-time claims associated. One natural gas explosion can kill many people, not just those working near the pipes. Managing your Risk on your projects saves you time, money, and the potential for devastating circumstances.

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