While Abaxa’s state-of-the-art equipment, extensive experience on WA’s largest civil projects and largest number of technical experts in one company is without question, our clients report that it’s our track record of reliability in almost any situation, that they value the most.

It’s why we’ve been called on to complete tens of thousands of utility survey projects without utility strikes or project delays.  Abaxa understands your project pressures; we’re in the trenches with you, prioritising safety, your project timeline, and your budget.

Did you know engaging Abaxa in early-stage planning, can save up to 82% in project costs?

step 1

Plan to avoid project costs

By engaging Abaxa to locate and survey all utilities on your project to Quality Level A (AS5488) you can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays, and project interruptions.

Consider the evidence:

A 1999 study by Purdue University indicated that for every $1.00 spent with a subsurface utility engineering service, $4.62 quantifiable project dollars were saved.

(Source: Cost Savings On Highway Projects Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering, Purdue University, 1999)

This is possible because the practice delivers the exact location of virtually all utilities and allows these utilities to be accurately shown on all construction sites.

Abaxa’s Utility Survey to AS5488 will allow accurate planning, budget allocation and delivery of your project.

We work with you from planning right through to construction. In doing this, our clients have eradicated many of the utility problems typically encountered on construction projects.

You too could save the incalculable costs of redesign when an original design suffers a utility conflict and prohibits construction from proceeding.

step 2

Plan to maintain safety first

It is possible to guarantee safety on site by designing with real-time information. We deliver this information using subsurface utility engineering of high-profile utilities within the project parameters.

Excavation can then be directed away from existing utilities, significantly reducing risk of infrastructure damage. This helps you minimise exposure to any personal injury, property damage and release of unsafe substances into the environment.

abaxa team
abaxa team
step 3

Plan to minimise project risk

You can manage your project risk by selecting between four different quality levels of utility depiction. These quality service levels are assigned within the subsurface utility engineering process.
A work plan package can be drawn up consisting of a scope of work, level of service vs risk allocation, project schedule and desired project delivery method.

Contact Abaxa for a proposal to designate, locate and provide utility data management with survey to AS5488 to conduct conflict analysis, saving you time and money on your next project.

82 percent

What features can you expect from the Utility Survey?

A picture tells a thousand words, a quality Utility Survey from an experienced and accredited provider makes the invisible sub surface features visible to design your project and manage a permit to work system with confidence where there is active excavation and construction.

Not to be confused with underground utility locating, utility surveying is the process of collating all the onsite locating data and producing a coordinated survey to the clients desired project grid which is then displayed as a 3D AutoCAD file.

This data can then be used to identify potential clashes with new construction and existing infrastructure. All point elevations are recorded to AHD (Australia Height datum) and distance can be determined by a single click in AutoCAD.  It makes designing and managing projects much easier compared with traditional 2D plans which are not coordinated or to scale.

In addition to locating services we have also provided a service option to complete a Survey of Utilities Located in the area we discussed.

The Utility Survey produced by Abaxa features the following…

  1. Survey pickup to your specified Coordinate System, PCG 94, MGA zone 50, etc.
  2. Survey Coordinates in the form of a DWG. file derived from the latest AutoCAD Civil 3D program.
  3. Survey Coordinates overlaid onto High Resolution Nearmap Imagery (see sample for reference) OR
  4. The option to overlay a feature survey provided by you (the client document)

Additional and optional features items include:

  1. The option to include Main Roads Genio file.
  2. The option to use the client’s survey design codes and guidelines e.g. MRIA coding system, BMD coding system, City of Perth coding system, Watercorp coding system.
  3. The option for us to provide a basic feature survey.
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Why Choose Abaxa?

Our technology is world class, as is our service quality and reliability. We care as much as you do that your project keeps moving, stay on time, on budget and with a thorough risk assessment to manage your Duty of Care at all times.

To confirm your choice to go ahead with our Utility Survey services or schedule a project discovery meeting, simply contact us at 1300 369 642.

You can trust Abaxa to be there on time and reduce asset risk on your project.

94000 projects
completed project clearances in the 20 years of our company's existence
82 % Strikeless
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16 accreditations
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