High Pressure Gas Supervision Services

A strike on a high-pressure natural gas pipeline can result in life-changing injuries to construction workers and have devastating consequences to surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses.

As such, the process is strictly regulated. At Abaxa, we offer high-pressure gas supervision services to keep you and your team safe and your project on schedule.

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How High-Pressure Gas Supervision Works

High-pressure gas supervision requires that you have an “ATCO or APA Approved” high-pressure gas field supervisor / permit officer attend your excavation site when critical natural gas facilities lie anywhere within your excavation area.

You will need to consult with the utility providers engineering department to have your project assessed and the approvals will be part of the Permit Management on your project by the Approved Supervisor/Permit Officer.

All permits are monitored and control through to a close by the Approved Supervisor/Permit Officer to maintain damage prevention on the high risk assets.

These approved technicians are trained to accurately protect the site from the potential hazard of damage to the pipe/pipes by:

  • locating the pipes,
  • marking the pipes;


  • visually assessing and cataloguing pipe exposure and confirming location and depth before commencing your works
  • supervising the works to the approved Utility Provider work instruction and specific project engineering approvals for maximum safety and damage prevention.

Strongly reduces strike risk

The equipment our high-pressure gas experts use to locate gas pipes and cables significantly lessens any need to use shovels, crowbars or other invasive digging tools which could cause extensive damage.

A clear safety-first solution

High-pressure gas supervisors provide expert guidance to drilling contractors for excavation work and installation of any signs or structures.

Abaxa’s 30 years’ experience working in and around high-pressure gas pipelines means your project will stay compliant and operating in a regulated safe environment.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

It’s in your business’s (and everyone around your project’s) best interest to protect your site from potential hazards due to pipe damage.

With Abaxa’s expertise and experience, you gain complete peace of mind and waste no time or money in the compliance and due diligence process.

Pipeline Incidents and Faults

Due care must be taken at all times not to damage the gas pipelines or the protective coating covering the gas pipelines. Any damage to gas pipelines, their protective coating, or other assets must be reported to the Utility Provider Faults and Emergencies immediately.

Evacuate the area immediately surrounding any gas escape without using a vehicle or any device that may create a spark, including a mobile phone.

For a major incident, where there is risk to life or property, call 000.

ATCO Faults and Emergencies – 131352

Local Gas Distribution Networks – 1800 GAS LEAK (1800 427 532)

ATCO Gas Additional Information

Why Choose Abaxa?

Our technology is world class, as is our service quality and reliability. We care as much as you do that your project keeps moving, stay on time, on budget and with a thorough risk assessment to manage your Duty of Care at all times.

To confirm your choice to go ahead with our Utility Survey services or schedule a project discovery meeting, simply contact us at 1300 369 642.

You can trust Abaxa to be there on time and reduce asset risk on your project.

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