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Abaxa provides Recipient in Charge (RIC) safety supervision service for persons working on, near or in the vicinity of Western Power’s electrical network.


Why do some worksites need a RIC?

Ordinary persons cannot enter a worksite or sign onto a work permit unless they are under the direct supervision of an authorised person. Ordinary persons must have an authorised RIC on-site and be directly supervised when undertaking work inside a danger zone.

Our Recipient in Charge supervisors are authorised by Western Power and adhere to the Electrical System Safety Rules. All work under an Electrical Access Permit (EAP) or Vicinity Authority Permit (VA) is performed under the control of a RIC.

The RIC must sign the work permit and cannot delegate the accountability of any task to another individual, however, they can directly supervise a person familiar with a relevant task, e.g., proving de-energisation and/or applying working earths.

When working with underground insulated cables or using mechanical excavators/powered tools and equipment, the following rules apply:

A VA and an RIC are required when an unauthorised person (any non-Western Power contractor not approved) operating any mechanical excavator or powered equipment is to encroach within the following distances of the following voltages;

LV Power (0V – 1kV) = 300mm

HV Power (1kV – 33kV) = 500mm

Transmission (33kV – 330kV) = 3000mm

Non-destructive excavation and hand digging is permitted with no restriction. It is advised that contact with any cables is to be avoided but is allowed.

What are the responsibilities of a RIC?

Responsibilities of a RIC include:

  1. Accepting and relinquishing EAP and VA work permits
  2. Ensuring all recipients understand and have signed on/off a work permit
  3. Ensuring all recipients are informed of the conditions of a work permit including:
    • Isolation points
    • Program earths
    • Limits of the safe work area
  4. Locations of adjacent live points
  5. Protection, control and automation isolations
  6. Actively managing the work to be performed ensures the work is performed safely within the conditions of the work permit.

Why Choose Abaxa?

Our technology is world class, as is our service quality and reliability. We care as much as you do that your project keeps moving, stay on time, on budget and with a thorough risk assessment to manage your Duty of Care at all times.

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You can trust Abaxa to be there on time and reduce asset risk on your project.

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