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Do you need accountable sub surface detection, that manages risk and safety?

You can eliminate avoidable costs, time delays and project delays by utilising Abaxa’s Subsurface Utility Detection Services…

Specializing in Damage Prevention, Abaxa is the industry leader dedicated to best practises and safety first.  Choosing Abaxa means you will benefit from Abaxa’s advanced technical knowledge, training and quality standards.

Your company can focus on your core competencies, while Abaxa provides damage prevention services for your project. Proactive planning and use of Abaxa’s services, prevents the potential for engineering design inconsistencies, active project delays, unforseen costs, unexpected downtime, and injuries to employees or public.

You can benefit from Abaxa’s industry leadership

Abaxa is a “Preferred Supplier” of locating services for many utility asset owners and remains at the forefront of the industry as “Leaders in Damage Prevention”. In the past sixteen years, Abaxa has located tens of thousands of miscellaneous underground utilities with accuracy and efficiency. Abaxa operates as advisory members of Dial Before you Dig, members of NULCA (National Utility Locating Contractors Association) and as a company, is certified in management systems Occupational Health and Safety (AS4801), Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental (ISO 14001). In addition, Abaxa operates with complete insurance including Professional Indemnity, Broadform Liability, and Workers Compensation Insurances.

You will enjoy cost savings on your projects.

Abaxa’s field services have been proven to save thousands of dollars in utility damage repair costs, prevent engineering design inconsistencies, and protect workers and public from injuries that result from utility damages. Choosing Abaxa for your project minimizes the “risk” involved with the many aspects of underground excavation.

Abaxa provides Damage Prevention Services across the Civil Industry

Abaxa currently works with a variety of valued companies in the damage prevention industry. Are you one of the following that will benefit from Abaxa’s damage prevention resources:

  • Utility Providers
  • Engineers / Consulting Engineers
  • Civil Construction Companies
  • Environmental / Geotechnical Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Town Planners
  • Building Construction Companies
  • Excavation Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Urban Development Companies

If you are planning any form of excavation then Abaxa can meet your needs as your “Trusted Experts of the Underground”

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