Non Destructive Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is your safe, non-destructive damage prevention option when excavating in and around utilities. 

While traditional mechanical methods of excavation have the potential to damage utilities and disrupt essential services, vacuum excavation is a decidedly non-destructive soil and debris removal method.

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How Vacuum Excavation works

Vacuum excavation works by extracting earth through a small ‘surgical’ opening through which the excavation takes place. 

A high-powered vacuum insertion is made to remove dirt into the vehicle’s storage tank. The underground utilities are safely exposed with no damage to the structure or coatings of associated pipes and cables.

Strongly reduces strike risk

This safe, non-destructive method means damage to utilities is prevented, saving inestimable costs associated with service damage, including project delays, rework, repairs, personal injury, and public compensation, not to mention inconvenience.

A clear safety-first solution

Vacuum excavation immediately eliminates any need to hand dig or probe. As a result, safety is maximised and any potential for personal injury or death resulting from utility damage is radically reduced.

The use of vacuum excavation all but eliminates the risk of damage to any surrounding structures and is a naturally proactive solution for your project to meet safety requirements.

Efficient and cost-effective

Abaxa’s vacuum excavation is fast, producing efficient results that expose located utilities and provide high-quality clearances.

No hand-digging means that your workflow is seamless, and your project can advance without delays. 

Vacuum excavation units help keep projects in high traffic areas cost-effective.

Abaxa’s experienced team have performed many excavations using our high-powered vacuum units. We only use top of the line equipment for our vacuum excavations. 

Our team’s capabilities and service offerings include:

  • Vacuum excavation to meet your project needs
  • Potholing of utilities
  • Exposing utilities for accurate depth and survey recording
  • Preparation for power pole installation 
  • Geotechnical excavation assistance
  • Slot trenching
  • Preparation for sign and bollard installation 
  • Non-destructive excavation for utility installation
  • Excavation under existing structures
  • Excavation across conflicting services
  • Excavation around tree roots where utility conflicts exist
  • Pipeline tie-ins/maintenance

Contact Abaxa on 1300 369 642 to discuss your project needs and to take advantage of this safe, versatile, cost-effective technique.

abaxa team on site
abaxa team on site
abaxa team on site

Why Choose Abaxa?

Our technology is world class, as is our service quality and reliability. We care as much as you do that your project keeps moving, stay on time, on budget and with a thorough risk assessment to manage your Duty of Care at all times.

To confirm your choice to go ahead with our Utility Survey services or schedule a project discovery meeting, simply contact us at 1300 369 642.

You can trust Abaxa to be there on time and reduce asset risk on your project.

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