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Locating all Underground Services

Your safer option when locating communications, power, gas, sewer and water utilities prior to excavation

Step 1 – Plan for safety first

saferYou can plan your project safety with Abaxa’s systemised, accurate utility location services completed by highly trained, experienced and approved technicians

When you choose Abaxa you ensure a complete assessment and accurate marking of the utilities on your construction site.

You will be working with experienced technicians who are trained to assess all variables and resolve issues proactively to assist damage prevention.

Our technicians are highly trained in dealing with the challenges of locating buried utilities. These include poor utility prints, congested easements, untraceable utilities, deteriorated tracer lines, and deep utilities.

This will translate into a reduced level of risk for potential damage, downtime and injuries.

You will feel more confident with Abaxa’s ‘one point of contact’ policy.

A primary benefit of locating with Abaxa is that you’ll have one damage prevention technician assigned to your site with the required utility industry experience and accreditation. This is how we’ll ensure the accuracy of your project utility markings and communication.

If problems occur, you’ll be able to contact your Abaxa assigned technician rather than trying to connect with various utility companies wasting time and money.

This will translate into a reduced level of risk for potential damage, downtime and injuries.

Step 2 – Control project costs

Abaxa provides complete location on all utilities with unparalleled experience and utility approval.

This greatly reduces your project costs by using one company with fast, accurate utility services eliminating wasted time, money and red tape. Abaxa is the preferred supplier of location services to all the major utilities.

Step 3 – Manage risk

You will have peace of mind knowing that Abaxa is working to your chosen level of service and risk avoidance.

You can tailor Abaxa’s service to fit any of you project needs with our proprietary ‘3 Degrees’ Safety System for Utility Location. At location service completion, your risk and resultant duty of care requirements are made transparent, which enables you to plan the next stage of your project.

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