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Ground Penetrating Radar

Improve safety, accuracy and speed on your design projects, using Abaxa’s ground penetrating radar with 4 multi-frequency antennas

You’ll have more transparency of underground utilities with Abaxa’s 3D technology

The common lack of accurate positioning records for underground utilities can create engineering and construction challenges and health/safety hazards.

radar-image1To address these challenges, Abaxa employs subsurface utility engineering (SUE). SUE is a highly efficient, non-destructive practice that combines civil engineering, geophysics, vacuum excavation and mapping technologies. When used properly, it avoids many conflicts and reduces project delays, saving time and money.

3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is one of the safe, minimally-disruptive and cost-efficient technologies Abaxa employs to manage utility data acquisition. It’s an advanced, non-invasive subsurface imaging technique that uses short pulses of electromagnetic energy to “see” into the ground.

Abaxa’s 3D GPR technology, provides faster, more reliable data

Abaxa uses multi-frequency, ground penetrating radar to capture the data of sub surface materials and utilities. This GPR technology is comprised of 4, multi-frequency antennas (200 and 600 MHz), that work as if eight radars were placed next to each other. Our GPR machines are configured to generate 3D imaging of the path subsurface, over approximately 2 metres wide.

Our extended, multi-channel width capability, and our custom developed software, enables Abaxa to provide you with a faster, more reliable data processing and interpreting service. As a result, your projects will be less time pressured.

Benefits you’ll gain from our GPR technology and custom software

Ground Penetrating Radar Technology

  • Makes risk reduction and decision making faster and easier with detailed, accurate Sub Surface Data
  • It’s safe, non-destructive with no damage or mess
  • Reduces project timelines with rapid coverage of large areas
  • It’s cost effective and non-disruptive because equipment is quiet and compact
  • It provides more accurately located results on site or imported into CAD/GIS

Post processing software

  • Offers the highest detection performance
  • Automatic target detection recognition: a dedicated tool that helps the operator locate pipes and cables
  • 2D and 3D tomography: optimised tomography for an immediate visualisation of pipes and cables
  • Automatic transfer to CAD/GIS: localised pipes and cables automatically transferred to CAD (AutoCAD or Micro station) or GIS maps

It’s Abaxa’s highly qualified personnel that make the difference

4 multi frequency antennae GPR is sophisticated technology. Only highly skilled operators are capable of maximising the chances of making effective decisions regarding survey design, frequency selection, realistic depth penetration expectations and data interpretation. These decisions are all essential for accurate data collection and depiction.

To perform an effective GPR investigation at most sites, we believe it’s essential that an experienced geologist or geophysicist, with a sound working knowledge of the targeted subsurface area, be engaged. Abaxa only employs these highly skilled personnel to operate our 4 antennae GPRs.

Abaxa’s high standards, means we can minimise obscurities associated with GPR data acquisition and interpretation, and maximise everyone’s understanding of the data results for reporting and use within the engineering process.

Expect Abaxa to follow a meticulous process

Most project sites present many limitations and barriers. These situations demand a robust systemised process to be executed for maximum, safety and success.

To provide the foundation for GPR success, Abaxa operates within a ‘refined managed system’. This is essential for the accurate collection of data and the clear depiction of underground utilities. Our system demands a thorough investigation of geologic, climatic and target-specific information, plus a maximum amount of detail about the project site before proceeding with a GPR investigation.

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