• What is AS 5488
  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Standards play a key role in the utility sector, acting as a best practice indicator and providing a quality framework for safety, equipment, and service.  AS 5488, is the standard to describe Classification of Subsurface Utility Information launched in 2013 and has recently been upgraded in 2019 to align with global standards, providing faster, safer and more cost-effective processes for the management of subsurface utilities.   

Its objective is to ensure:

  • Minimal impact on existing utilities
  • Accurate information to reduce risk 
  • Low incidence of costly infrastructure damage
  • Greater public safety
  • Decreased cost and greater efficiency

Safety and reliability, along with cost and strike-risk reduction are of key importance to any construction project. AS 5488 maps out best practices to enable subsurface operators to consistently achieve this.

AS5488 provides significant benefits from its initial first release in 2013. The new update in 2019 is composed of 2 parts, Part 1 Subsurface utility information and Part 2 Subsurface utility engineering.

Part 1 “Subsurface Utility Information” has been updated based on feedback from the industry and relevant bodies who used the standard. There is a focus on attribute information and metadata as this has been proven quite useful in transferring information gathered in the field by surveyors and locators to designers, engineers and stakeholder who are recipient of these data. This part of the standard provides the framework for the classification of subsurface utility location and attributes information in terms of specified quality levels for the management of sub surface utilities.

Part 2 “Subsurface Utility Engineering Information” has been created to provide a framework for consistent engineering management of subsurface utility information. It is designed to provide and aid engineers, designers etc have a better understanding and use of the information surrounding utilities. The application of the standard and the establishment of a credible approach to the gathering and management of subsurface utilities will improve the critical items of time, cost, quality and safety, and reduce risk across projects including subsurface utilities as noted on the preface of the said update.

There are varying levels of Quality for Sub-Surface Information from Quality Level D to Quality Level A – Abaxa recommend to consult on reducing asset risk early on your project and have created a propriety “3 Degrees of Safety System” guide our clients to low risk and preventing utility strikes on all projects to protect people and infrastructure and keep projects moving.

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