Accredited Asset Locators – Locating by Instrument

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Actions strongly recommended by Telephone Co. to excavators:

  1. On-site assistance should be sought from an Accredited Asset Locator if buried telecommunications assets cannot be located within eight feet of the locations indicated on the maps provided.
  2. Should your projects require cable location, you must hire an Accredited Asset Locator. A list of Accredited Asset Locators may be found at www.teiephoneco.uf; this list is updated on a regular basis. On-site advice should be obtained from an Accredited Asset Locator who is highly skilled in locating buried Telephone Co. assets.
  3. Telephone Co. recommends hiring Accredited Asset Locators as a step towards discharging your Duty of Care obligations.
  4. Accredited Asset Locators have been able to satisfy Telephone Co. that they have a sound knowledge of telecommunications assets and utilize appropriate equipment for locating buried telecommunications assets. Each Accredited Asset Locator has been issued a certificate which confirms the accreditation. Every two years Telephone Co. will reassess the accreditation and, where appropriate, will issue a letter confirming the accreditation for the next two years.
  5. Telephone Co. does not accept any liability or responsibility for the performance of or advice given by an Accredited Asset Locator. Accreditation is an initiative taken by Telephone Co. towards the establishment and maintenance of competency standards. However, performance and the advice given will always depend on the nature of the individual engagement. Neither the Accredited Asset Locator nor any of its employees are an employee or agent for Telephone Co. Telephone Co, is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the Accredited Asset Locator or its employees.

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